Required Documents for Postgraduate Programmes

Release time: 2019.04.02 04:43

    1. Passport scanned copy;

  2.Bachelor degree; 

  3. Bachelor academic transcript; 

  4.Physical Examination Report issued in the past three months; 

  5.Two recommendation letters, which must be provided by professors or associate professors with their contact details and signature; 

  6. Study plan; 

  7.Police Clearance Certificate or Non-Criminal Certificate issued in the past one month. 

  8.CSUFT Application Form; 

  9. Certificate of IELTS 6.0 and above or TOFEL 85 and above for English Instructed Programme; 

  10. Certificate ofHSK4 and above for Chinese Instructed Programme; 

  11. Other Necessary Materials. 


  All documents must be in English or Chinese.  

  Translation version is acceptable but must includes translation company's contact details.